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The Denmark Preservation Foundation is committed to the preservation and restoration of architecturally and historically significant structures in the Denmark area, many of which are Kansas Post-Rock Limestone. We work to fund and oversee projects in the Denmark, Kansas area that preserve history and create opportunities for the future of our region.

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For Denmark, Kansas

We Believe Preservation Matters

We believe that the history of Denmark, Kansas matters not only to the community and loved ones tied to its history, but also to the history of the state of Kansas & immigrants from the country of Denmark. Preserving the history of Denmark helps keep our story alive through locals, as well as creating a full picture of the turn of the century in the West. Additionally, our Post-Rock Limestone is a visible display of the evolution of architecture and an exhibit of what life was like in the late 1800s-early 1900s.

Our Projects

The preservation process is an ongoing endeavor, and our foundation has many projects in the works. The first project that we undertook was erecting a memorial to commemorate an early Denmark settler killed in an Indian raid in the late 1800s. That project was completed in 2019 and has become a landmark in our area. We are now working to renovate the historic Andreson Building, of which two units will be converted into a cultural center and museum celebrating Denmark's history between the 1860s and 1910s. Those two units are currently under renovation and will be finished soon. 

Beyond the Prairie Wind

History, Folklore, and Traditions from Denmark, Kansas

Beyond the Prairie Wind speaks to young and old alike as it tells a story of immigrants' dreams and their resolve and determination to make those dreams come true. It is a colorful story of adventure, heartbreaks, and joys on the Kansas frontier. The determination of early Denmark dwellers is seen on the faces of their descendants today. Many of their namesakes remain. Ruth Sorensen, who married one of these descendants, grew up near Denmark, Kansas, received a B.A. from Fort Hays State University, and then with her husband moved to a farm outside Denmark. Living on the Kansas prairie today, surrounded by scores of community friends eager to share their heart-touching stories of immigration and homesteading, she was inspired to record this story of Denmark, Kansas.

Denmark Indian Raid Monument 

Completed 2019

Andreson Building Renovation


History of Denmark

Denmark, Kansas was first established in 1869 by Danish settlers, who were leaving Denmark after the Prussian Army invaded in 1864. The early settlers fought for their independence to make their way to Kansas and endured hardships after settling Denmark, Kansas. In May of 1869, an Indian raid resulted in the death of three early settlers, temporarily halting the growth of the town.

After the return of the early settlers, the town began to grow. The railroad eventually came to town, bringing new business and opportunities for the community of Denmark. They also built a church, community hall, school, and post office by 1919.

Now, the Denmark Preservation Foundation is trying to preserve the early building of the town and keep the history of Denmark, and the surrounding area, alive.

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