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Frozen Sheets

When I was a kid, we had no air conditioning. One eight-inch fan. Summers were nearly unendurable.Mama tried. Working on the theory that nearly anything is tolerable after a good night's sleep, she developed several different plans. None of them were very effective, but she tried.We closed windows on the hottest days, in a vain attempt to "trap" the previous night's cooler air. Somewhat effective. Her all time, most ambitious effort came when she froze our sheets.First thing in the morning, she sprinkled clean sheets with her ironing sprinkler. Then folded them tight, and placed them in the deep freeze.Come bedtime, she handed me my folded, frozen sheets, and sent me to bed with the instructions to "don't mess around. Make your bed and get in it!".Great advice. Great plan. Except there were tiny little ice patches all over the sheets. The ice melted. The sheets got hot and soggy. We all slept in sticky, hot sheets for most of the night, til a wind came up, dried the damp percale, and it felt cool. By the time we got up, the beds were just right. Figures!We never froze our sheets again. Still, Mama tried.Have a good day. I'm going to. Sunflower hugs and Jayhawker winks to all.


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