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Beyond the Prairie Wind
  • Beyond the Prairie Wind

Beyond the Prairie Wind


Beyond the Prairie Wind speaks to young and old alike as it tells a story of immigrants' dreams, and their resolve and determination to make those dreams come true. It is a colorful story of adventure, heartbreaks, and joys on the Kansas frontier. One wonders why early Scandinavian settlers stopped in the middle of the area then labeled as the Great American Desert, built crude dugout dwellings for their families, and declared Kansas their home. The settlers, though, had the foresight to gaze beyond the discomforts and obstacles, and to plant the seeds which sprouted into the thriving agricultural community of today, a place where faith, family and community still come first. The determination of early Denmark dwellers is seen on the faces of their descendants today. Many of their namesakes remain. Ruth Sorensen, who married one of these descendants, grew up near Denmark, Kansas, received a B.A. from Fort Hays State University, and then with her husband moved to a farm outside Denmark. Living on the Kansas prairie today, surrounded by scores of community friends eager to share their heart-touching stories of immigration and homesteading, she was inspired to record this story of Denmark, Kansas.


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